Saturday, July 17, 2010

Beautiful Daughter, Beautiful Day!
July 12, 2010

Laura is such a beautiful pregnant woman! She didn't think so, but I did!
As you can see, Laura is all belly.
This little baby is so lucky to have a mother like her!

All Smiles! Laura is finally going to have her son today! I was so thrilled and excited to be
there with her! I could hardly contain myself... I got to the hospital around 9:00am Monday morning 7-12-10. Laura and Aaron were there waiting to be admitted. As soon as I sat down they called her name. With butterflies in my stomach I followed them to her room.
Then the excitement began!

They hooked Laura up to all the machines, gave her an IV and then broke her water! All in about an hour and a half! Poor Laura got the Pitocin and the contractions started really coming. Each contraction was about 6-7 minutes long. I had never heard of that! Maybe 6 minutes apart but never that long. So it was time for the epidural. It seemed there was always a nurse in her room up to this point and we had only been her 3 hours! After the epidural was given, I thought well now it is a waiting game. But after about an hour Laura said she was feeling some discomfort. I thought she shouldn't be feeling that yet... she thought she was just being "sensitive" I said you are not being sensitive you have an epidural! I went and got the nurse and they checked her and Laura was about a 6... great news! Good for us! But Laura was feeling every contraction and they were coming closer and closer together. The doctor came in and tried a different medication but that gave her no relief.

It was time to go for it! After 3-4 more hours Laura was ready to push. As you can see Aaron was ready to catch his little boy. Up to that point I just felt helpless. Watching my little girl endure so much pain. I wanted to kiss it and make it better just like I would do when she was small. I just stood and watch each tear fall from her face as she bore through each contraction without a complaint. She worked through each contraction calmly... then suddenly she was at an 8 then a 9 and then it was time to push. With me on her right and Ginger on her left and Aaron giving her the play by play she pushed and pushed and at 6:38 Little Tillman Steel came into the world! What a sight that was!

Beautiful Tillman

We are so happy that you're here!

7 lbs 14oz. 19.5 inches long

Dr. and dad

Their little family

So happy to have Tillman here!

Little sweet pea!

Proud Grandpa waited outside the delivery room waiting for Tillman to come. He even put his ear to the door to hear the excitement of the birth!

Hello Sunshine

You did Laura!

Beautiful baby!

The crew coming to see Tillman!

The next day we couldn't wait to see Tillman! Luckily Laura called first thing to let us know they were ready for company!

Uncle Kelley!

Auntie Manda!

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  1. I love looking at all your posts! I love the 4th of July one and how thankful you are! You are so sweet and this post about Tillman made me cry, I am so proud of Laura and happy for your family! You guys rock and we love & Miss you!