Tuesday, March 13, 2012

It's been a year and 8 months since I last posted! I was sitting here trying to think what has happened. I'll just start with each kid and update about them.

Me & Dave- We went on a cruise to the Mexican Riviera in November 2010. It was so much fun! We left Kelley and Amanda at home with Laura and Aaron. We had a marvelous time and would go back in a minute!

Zaak & Jessica- They were sealed in March of 2011! They also had a beautiful girl Scarlett December 31, 2011. Kyren will be 7 March 29 and Brody will be 3 in June.

Laura & Aaron- Nothing is really new with them their little boy Tillman will be turning 2 in July! Laura is still nanning. Aaron is going to school and working for the school paper.

Kelley- Graduated and got his Eagle! He also moved out for a while with 2 of his buddies!

Amanda- is going to fashion merchandising school. She's in 11th grade at Gilbert High.

We our enjoying our life with all our grand kids! I PROMISE I will update more often! {Laura is forcing me}

I'm Still Alive!

I know it's been almost 2 years since I wrote on here! A LOT has happened!! I PROMISE I will update ASAP!!!!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Birthday Weekend!!

On July 26th Laura Celebrated her 20th Birthday. It is so strange to me to have children as old as I am... or at least it feels that way until I look in the mirror.

On July 24, 2010 Dave celebrated his birthday! Dave is such a good sport! He shared his birthday with Amanda and her best friend Sammy! On Saturday night the girls had a combined Birthday bash ( pictures below) The girls wanted to have a party together. Since Amanda's birthday is in June and Sammy's birthday is in August they decided to have their party in July and because Dave is such a great dad he gave his day up for them! Since we would be with the girls and their friends on Saturday night I surprised him and took him to the Tempe Improv to see Patrick De Guire! It was so much fun listening to all the comedians! They even made us part of the act! Patrick asked people in the audience how long they had been married and how many kids they had, since we had four, the comedian made comments about our four kids... He also had four little ones. We ended meeting him after the show and was he was a real down to earth guy! I kinda want to be his friend! HAHA

On Sunday we had the family over for cake and Ice cream.

Dave and his new pillow!

IBC Rootbeer

The Birthday Boy!

Happy, Happy Birthday Dave!

Just hanging out with the family

It has been kind of a tradition the last few parties to play children's games. Tonight we played "How well do you know Dave" and Pin the glasses on Dave! Both were a lot of fun!

Amanda and Sammy had a swim party at Sammy's house! They had a jumpy house and lots of water balloons!

Peace Out Ladies!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Beautiful Daughter, Beautiful Day!
July 12, 2010

Laura is such a beautiful pregnant woman! She didn't think so, but I did!
As you can see, Laura is all belly.
This little baby is so lucky to have a mother like her!

All Smiles! Laura is finally going to have her son today! I was so thrilled and excited to be
there with her! I could hardly contain myself... I got to the hospital around 9:00am Monday morning 7-12-10. Laura and Aaron were there waiting to be admitted. As soon as I sat down they called her name. With butterflies in my stomach I followed them to her room.
Then the excitement began!

They hooked Laura up to all the machines, gave her an IV and then broke her water! All in about an hour and a half! Poor Laura got the Pitocin and the contractions started really coming. Each contraction was about 6-7 minutes long. I had never heard of that! Maybe 6 minutes apart but never that long. So it was time for the epidural. It seemed there was always a nurse in her room up to this point and we had only been her 3 hours! After the epidural was given, I thought well now it is a waiting game. But after about an hour Laura said she was feeling some discomfort. I thought she shouldn't be feeling that yet... she thought she was just being "sensitive" I said you are not being sensitive you have an epidural! I went and got the nurse and they checked her and Laura was about a 6... great news! Good for us! But Laura was feeling every contraction and they were coming closer and closer together. The doctor came in and tried a different medication but that gave her no relief.

It was time to go for it! After 3-4 more hours Laura was ready to push. As you can see Aaron was ready to catch his little boy. Up to that point I just felt helpless. Watching my little girl endure so much pain. I wanted to kiss it and make it better just like I would do when she was small. I just stood and watch each tear fall from her face as she bore through each contraction without a complaint. She worked through each contraction calmly... then suddenly she was at an 8 then a 9 and then it was time to push. With me on her right and Ginger on her left and Aaron giving her the play by play she pushed and pushed and at 6:38 Little Tillman Steel came into the world! What a sight that was!

Beautiful Tillman

We are so happy that you're here!

7 lbs 14oz. 19.5 inches long

Dr. and dad

Their little family

So happy to have Tillman here!

Little sweet pea!

Proud Grandpa waited outside the delivery room waiting for Tillman to come. He even put his ear to the door to hear the excitement of the birth!

Hello Sunshine

You did Laura!

Beautiful baby!

The crew coming to see Tillman!

The next day we couldn't wait to see Tillman! Luckily Laura called first thing to let us know they were ready for company!

Uncle Kelley!

Auntie Manda!
July 4, 2010 America the Beautiful

On July 4th I thought I would take my camera
on my walk. I wanted to see all the flags and
decoration people had up. As I walked down my
street I was a little disappointed that a lot of my
neighbors did not have an American Flag up. As
I turned the corner I saw this flag! It was so beautiful!
It was almost like it was saluting me as I walked by!
There were many beautiful flags as I walked that morning.
It made me feel so blessed to live in the
United States of America. I don't think many people
know this about me but I am very Patriotic! Maybe
not so political but I love my Country!

When I was a little girl, On 4th of July or any National Holiday
my dad, brothers and I would walk out on to the front
yard holding our flag on a big pole and as we put in the hole in the ground we would salute the flag and sing " Flag of the Americas" Not sure where
that saying came from but that is what we did!

On a side note... When we got home someone
had taken our flag....

Our Family and The Webster Family all went to my
brothers for breakfast! It was so much fun!

Jenna the pancake maker!

Amanda and Kaitlyn just waiting to eat!

Laura and Aaron

Holly and Kelley

Holly made a very Patriotic table

Later that night we went back to their house
for a swim! We watched some Fireworks too!

Amanda and Kelley

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Laura's Baby Shower

Since I had some time tonight I
thought I would update everyone
with what has been happening in June!

Laura's baby shower was so fun!

My Beautiful Girls!

Laura and Mandy

Laura got so many nice things for her shower.
In fact she got everything she needed for her
new baby boy!

New outfit for "Buddy"

New Blanket!

Grandma Muro made a quilt!

Laura got so many gifts that they filled our
family room! She had about 40 people come
to her shower!

We decorated the house! Inside and out!

We took all the furniture out of the living room
to make space for all the ladies!

We had a lovely spread of pancakes, fruit, muffins
and bagels and cream cheese!