Saturday, July 17, 2010

July 4, 2010 America the Beautiful

On July 4th I thought I would take my camera
on my walk. I wanted to see all the flags and
decoration people had up. As I walked down my
street I was a little disappointed that a lot of my
neighbors did not have an American Flag up. As
I turned the corner I saw this flag! It was so beautiful!
It was almost like it was saluting me as I walked by!
There were many beautiful flags as I walked that morning.
It made me feel so blessed to live in the
United States of America. I don't think many people
know this about me but I am very Patriotic! Maybe
not so political but I love my Country!

When I was a little girl, On 4th of July or any National Holiday
my dad, brothers and I would walk out on to the front
yard holding our flag on a big pole and as we put in the hole in the ground we would salute the flag and sing " Flag of the Americas" Not sure where
that saying came from but that is what we did!

On a side note... When we got home someone
had taken our flag....

Our Family and The Webster Family all went to my
brothers for breakfast! It was so much fun!

Jenna the pancake maker!

Amanda and Kaitlyn just waiting to eat!

Laura and Aaron

Holly and Kelley

Holly made a very Patriotic table

Later that night we went back to their house
for a swim! We watched some Fireworks too!

Amanda and Kelley

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