Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Laura's Baby Shower

Since I had some time tonight I
thought I would update everyone
with what has been happening in June!

Laura's baby shower was so fun!

My Beautiful Girls!

Laura and Mandy

Laura got so many nice things for her shower.
In fact she got everything she needed for her
new baby boy!

New outfit for "Buddy"

New Blanket!

Grandma Muro made a quilt!

Laura got so many gifts that they filled our
family room! She had about 40 people come
to her shower!

We decorated the house! Inside and out!

We took all the furniture out of the living room
to make space for all the ladies!

We had a lovely spread of pancakes, fruit, muffins
and bagels and cream cheese!

Amanda's 15th Birthday!

Happy 15th Birthday Amanda!

Amanada got a lot of great presents....

Laura made Amanda an Ice Cream cake! YUM!

We played children's games at Amanda's birthday
party... here we are playing musical chairs.
We also played guess my favorite actor and " How
well do I know Amanda" It was a lot of fun!

Aaron and Mandy W. going neck to neck!
Aaron won!

Amanda having a birthday surprise at Red Robin!

Mom and Dad

Amanda couldn't decide whether to have
Strawberry lemonaide or Peach. So our
Waitress gave her both!

Amanda and Kel!

Father's Day

Dave and his new Camera Equipment!

Dave had a nice time on Father's Day.... He relaxed, had a nice dinner, got presents and got to be with the kids!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

What a great summer so far.....

For our 25th Wedding Anniversary we went Six Flags Magic Mountain! Dave and I really wanted to do something special for our Anniversary so we took the kids and went to the amusement park! Dave and I used to go on dates there before we were married! The staff at Magic Mountain were all so nice and thank us for sharing our day with them. The park has changed since we were there last! There was so many more roller coasters than I remember! We had so much FUN!!

Amanda & Kelley

Amanda won her first PRIZE!!

Dave & Me.... we posed in this same spot 25 years ago!

On the weekend Dave surprised me and we went to a resort in Scottsdale for my birthday! That was so relaxing! I felt like I had been there for a week! But it was one night! The kids met us on Saturday for lunch and a swim!

Amanda, Laura & Aaron

Aaron & Laura

Dave & Me

Dave & Me at the Pool

Dave in the hotel room

At Ihop for my birthday breakfast!

10 Year Reunion

Memorial Day weekend we all went to California to open our time capsule we buried 10 years ago. That Saturday we had a Memorial picnic for my friend Kelly Lewis who passed away last year. We hadn't seen some of our " Dovetail Dr." friends in 30 years! Here is a ton of pictures of our fun weekend!

Dave and Linda Mann came to visit us!

Wendy & Kim


Jim & Walt

Julia, Kelley, Susan & Amanda

Kelley, Walt & Zaak

Lance, Walt & Susan

Wendy, Kent & Kelley Jamming

Walt, Kevin & Julia Singin!



Desmond & Lisa

My Dad

The Boys

The gang


Holly & Vivien

Finally dug out the time capsule!


Dave opening it!

The Burns Family

The whole gang with the "papa face"

The Germain Family

The Kelley family

The Grandkids

The Kids

The Muro Family

The Muro grandkids

The Kelley Family

The Muro Family